Do you know Burberry?
April 4, 2016 — 13:51

The most incredible of Burberry is his fabric which can be rain, and breathable, and wind! This fabric called gabardine (Gaba Austin), only Egyptian cotton woven. Its secret lies in twill weave, Special structure, per one square centimeter has 100 interlaced yarn. This structure can prevent the infiltration of rainwater, but breathable, but also relatively light, was a launch that military gained attention in the Boer War Burberry provided military clothing color because color is close to dust, easy to conceal, and lightweight and comfortable, this famous British brand for the first time.
What TRENCH: instead of this version is not called trench

A time of war for the British Burberry designed a uniform, very close to the way the subsequent coat. At that time, soldiers in the trenches often lying on standby, but there is always a cold intrusion, they found that the fabric can not only rain but also wind, especially for trench warfare, put it called into Trench Coat, namely “trenches clothing “, also coat the scientific name in English. In fact, this was the uniform has its own name: “Tielocken”. As shown in red circle, if you see this version of the coat is not yet called his trench, then asked her/him to Stop it, okay?