A brand introduction of Burberry
March 15, 2016 — 9:07

People saw the familiar Burberry “Burberry check” like to see their beloved brand.

Lattice in the United Kingdom, as the flag badges in Italy, known in English as Windows, is a symbol for the family flag. Burberry’s signature plaid Burberry family is a symbol of identity and status. This from the beige, black, red, white cross pattern consisting of three thick one thin, not play, not charming, mature and rational nature exudes charm, history and reflects the quality of Burberry and even a symbol of the British nation and culture.


In 1924, he registered this with a strong Scottish plaid style as a trademark, and soon, red, camel, black and white check became synonymous with Burberry products. Blue also added to enrich the connotation of Burberry plaid.

In 1967, it began the famous Burberry plaid used in umbrellas, luggage and scarves, Burberry increasingly demonstrates the characteristics of the product.

burberry history
March 7, 2016 — 12:49

In 1891, Burberry Haymarket in London, opened its first store in the British capital, where there is still Burberry’s headquarters. With traditional, refined design style and production, in 1955, Burberry received by Queen Elizabeth granted the “Royal Warrant ” badge. Today, the classic Burberry plaid, the unique features and elegant fabrics and elegant tailoring, has become synonymous with British style.
AD 1856, Thomas Burberry, founder of Basingstoke in Hampshire Britain opened a tailor’s shop in 1879, he developed a strong organization, waterproof breathable twill fabric -Gabardine, due to the durable wear real property,soon to be widely used British pilots and the military. In 1901, Burberry designed the first coat, the First World War broke out, Burberry trench coat is designated as the senior British army uniforms, and for use with the military, also in the design changed to double-breasted, shoulder covers, back warm thick tablets, and include D-shaped metal ring around his waist belt to retractable ammunition, knife, etc., this practical function-oriented coat, which is well-known “Trench coat!” Even today, opened the Oxford dictionary, if you want to check “coat” the word, you will find “Burberry” has become synonymous with another coat, with an extraordinary sense! It can be said is another classic Burberry plaid beige, red, black and white lines, etc. constituted. First appeared in 1924, the elegant stylish blend until today, Burberry clothing and accessories can be said of the two classic trench coat.