Brit&Blue label For Burberry Series
April 13, 2016 — 7:25

[Brit: Young sporty]

Burberry family young style, sporty, most of those who like B house(richy) do not think this is really brand B ~

Fabrics are mostly ordinary cotton, polyamide, polyester fiber, mostly Prorsum price of 1/3, London 1/2, relatively close to the people.

Indeed it is the domestic OEM factories in Guangdong and other places that one, but I do not know specifically where ~ Do not ask how I know, that reliable sources!


[Blue label: Japanese Burberry]

Japanese designer penned exclusively for the Japanese and Hong Kong markets Blue label, as well as Black label– only men clothes will stick this label! Some models foundries in Shanghai, trademark holders are Sanyo Shokai, it is possible outflow of the original single, even if there original single outflow. Main standard rarely able to leave, there is not necessarily the standard washing, when a lot of zippers and buttons have all been replaced, leaving only a horse sign that the majority of Blue Label are named by K & J Korea and Japan joint venture factory, there are DKNY, BURBERRY such brand clothing. This series is not more B fans considered the true Burberry …… embarrassing in Japan is very cheap, you can buy discount when RMB2000-3000, however, the series which will never appear in this material Gaba Austin . . . . . Personally think that if you buy a blue label than to buy London. In addition, according to rumors, Blue Dart will soon be back or withdraw from the Chinese foundries

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