A brand introduction of Burberry
March 15, 2016 — 9:07

People saw the familiar Burberry “Burberry check” like to see their beloved brand.

Lattice in the United Kingdom, as the flag badges in Italy, known in English as Windows, is a symbol for the family flag. Burberry’s signature plaid Burberry family is a symbol of identity and status. This from the beige, black, red, white cross pattern consisting of three thick one thin, not play, not charming, mature and rational nature exudes charm, history and reflects the quality of Burberry and even a symbol of the British nation and culture.


In 1924, he registered this with a strong Scottish plaid style as a trademark, and soon, red, camel, black and white check became synonymous with Burberry products. Blue also added to enrich the connotation of Burberry plaid.

In 1967, it began the famous Burberry plaid used in umbrellas, luggage and scarves, Burberry increasingly demonstrates the characteristics of the product.

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